in a vase (er, pitcher) on Monday


A bouquet needn’t be huge. In fact, dainty arrangements are often best at the table, where you don’t want to be looking through the greenery to see your dinner companion. This dainty pitcher, made by a local clay artist, is only two and a half inches tall.


Nor does it need to be floral. This little posy is made up entirely of foliage: a dark Heuchera leaf and another that is H. ‘Marmalade’, two sprigs of Artemisia ‘Silver Brocade’ and three leafy tips from Weigelia ‘Wine and Roses’.


Put it on a different background and its whole character changes. Of course part of that is the camera adapting to different light readings too.


But I am partial to the look of the high gloss Alizarin Crimson of our coffee table as a background.

Do check in with Cathy to see what she and others have found to put in a vase this Monday.

14 thoughts on “in a vase (er, pitcher) on Monday

  1. That is super Rikki – and goes to show why I and others are enjoying this meme so much. There are just so many possibilities for containers – vase, jug, teapot, bucket, box, etc – and what a range of sizes we have seen too 🙂 Then we get the props and the location – so thank you for showing the effect of different backgrounds. And of course it can be blooms, foliage or both or twigs, stones, feathers, fruit – whatever we can forage from our gardens. AND I have googled to find out what ‘Alizarin Crimson’ is!! Such fun all round 🙂

  2. You’ve found great foliage contrasts. I like the idea of foliage bouquets too. As flowers “melt” under the summer heat in my own garden, I may even resort to succulent bouquets.

  3. Shirley~Hah…your art background is showing(?)

    Grace~I didn’t think of it as retro, but that’s an interesting slant.

    Cathy~I love your wide-open attitude, and thanks for starting this. It IS fun.

    Susie~Thanks. Context is everything.

    Hoov~I’m a foliage kind of gal.

    Kris~Ooh…succulent bouquets: I like the sound of that.

    Peter~I blush.

    Loree~You should…your take is always refreshing.

    Christina~Small, big…s’all good!

  4. That’s really effective, and a good reminder that the small arrangements are not to be forgotten, they are brilliant for using blooms with short stems or for brightening up small or crowded spaces. I have a single dahlia bloom in a bud vase in the chaos of my desk.

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