a quickie fave: Allium ‘Hair’

Allium ‘Hair’

It’s not easy to get a photo of this amusing fellow. He tickles my fancy and is also one of the few Alliums that comes back reliably year after year, and even multiplies. That’s why he’s my favorite right now. What do you suppose the favorite is over in the Danger Garden?

4 thoughts on “a quickie fave: Allium ‘Hair’

  1. It is very difficult to have this picture. All the alliums are pretty, here are more others: Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ is a popular variety with grey-green leaves and large striking globe shaped flower heads of deep purple that appear in early summer. Allium nigrum is a creamy white variety that likes a sunny border. Each flower has a dark heart which is said to resemble a black pearl, hence the Latin name. Allium caeruleum is a beautiful variety with balls of bright blue flowers in early summer. It grows to a height of around 60cm. Allium bulgaricum flowers in June and has wide bell shaped greenish white flowers, broadly striped dark brown-red on outside. Allium Hair has an unusual, green, hairy flower head and is often used in floral displays. As its name suggests, Allium Mount Everest has enormous white globe shaped flower heads on stems over a metre high.

  2. Emily~My thoughts exactly.

    Beth~I have enough of them now to spare a few for cutting. That’s a good idea.

    Loree~I’ve had plenty of Alliums pull the disappearing act, but not this one. Maybe you should try again. I think it would look right at home at your place.

    Angie~You can say that again.

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