Flinging Foliage


Lots of brilliant foliage combinations popped up on the bloggers’ Fling, so I thought I’d share some of them with you for Foliage Follow Up this time. The first one was spotted at Chickadee Gardens.


The Danger Garden was in full spiky form.


Foliar peek-a-boo in the Ernst Garden.


Next door, at the Fuller Garden, fine foliage underfoot.


You can point your camera anywhere in the Old Germantown Gardens and come away with a winner. This happened to be in the greenhouse.


Those rose hips were enormous, in the demonstration gardens of Joy Creek Nursery.

Pam is the mastermind behind Foliage Follow Up and I can now vouch for the fact that she is every bit as charming in real life as she is online (it’s a Fling thing…you get to hang out with your gardening heroes).

7 thoughts on “Flinging Foliage

  1. Ricki, you’re making me blush! I loved getting to know you better — so glad you agreed to be my seatmate on the bus. 🙂

    You are right that the Fling gardens were packed with fabulous foliage, and especially the Old Germantown garden — those conifers! My head was turned, I’ll admit, by beautiful flowers like crocosmia, which we can’t grow in Texas, but the foliage was the solid backbone to all that floral beauty.

  2. Alison~Yes, aren’t those huge, shiny leaves spectacular?

    Pam~It was a floriferous season, but still just the frosting on the cake for we foliage fans. You’re so cute when you blush.

  3. Ricki, you captured such wonderful photographs! I love the foliage at Chickadee Gardens. That plant spoke to me and I’m not normally fond of such jungle-y looking things!

  4. Angie~Ah, so you’re one of those. Loree is slowly making converts of us all.

    Tamara~Yes, lots of wonderful memories tucked away.

    Jenni~All it takes is a glimpse of a brilliant combo like that and suddenly we are off in a new direction. Dangerous, isn’t it?

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