Kniphofia ‘Percy’

Kniphofia ‘Percy’

This is the most vigorous of the knifs, and thus my favorite in the garden (at this moment). My childhood dog was named Percy for the “personality bump” on his noggin, so that could have something to do with it too.

‘Percy’ with Dwarf Green Stripe bamboo

I’m fond of the way it gradates from chartreuse to light yellow…just perfect in combination with the bamboo Plioblastus viridastriatus.

with field daisies

Field daisies pop up all over the place around here. They can be a nuisance, but here I like their airy quality next to the substantial spires of the pokers. Can’t exactly call these “red hot pokers”, “cool pokers” is more like it. I’ve divided these many times to share and spread around to try in different spots. They seem to take to just about any conditions, though the mother of all these plants got shaded and elbowed out by more aggressive companions (the reason for the first divide and multiply effort). They get minimal water, maybe a good soaking about once a month and do appreciate at least 6 hours of sun.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with this plant, so I’m telling you what works for me rather than referring you to some official source. As always, Danger Garden is your gateway to a world of favorites this and every week.

10 thoughts on “Kniphofia ‘Percy’

  1. I have a clump of yours from the swap. I was just admiring it. and it really is a good bloomer . A white Achiillea and a Ammi have self seeded along side …very nice!

  2. My ‘Percy’s Pride’ from you has never bloomed. I think it may be in too much shade . It seems to be healthy, so maybe I’ll just need to move it. Yours is wonderful!

  3. So now I’m wondering if my green blooming kniphofia that I thought came from Jane might have actually came from you? I’m confused. Either way it bloomed it’s lovely green spires this spring and I love it!

  4. Alison~Green flowers are not for everyone.

    Beth~They seem to be enjoying a resurgence. I remember them from my Gram’s yard.

    Tamara~Just say the word and one will come your way. I thought I was running out of people to give them to.

    Jane~Oops, I left off the ‘Pride’. Thanks for the reminder. Must be too little sun. They have always bloomed the first year after dividing.

    Loree~I gave away lots of them. Wherever it came from, I’m glad you are enjoying it.

    Angie~My best combos always seem to rely on a certain amount of serendipity.

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