I’m baaack…sort of


The Brugmansia I bought at the spring HPSO sale might not produce any blooms this summer but it lured this handsome fellow to nestle into one of the leaves. I offer him up by way of apology. I’ve been locked out of WordPress for a month or so. Too many other things were going on to take the time to dive in and solve the problem. Today was the day. Some glitches remain, but at least I can join in the celebration of gentle autumn rains (punctuated by many of those glorious, crisp days we can usually count on).

Guess I saved draft instead of publishing. Now I just have to figure out how to make the photos bigger. Hah! Another dragon slain (slayed?). Perfection continues to elude me, indoors and out.

9 thoughts on “I’m baaack…sort of

  1. And to you as well, Ricki. You were missed. I know how frustrating these issues can be. I hope you’re able to sort them out without losing your mind. 🙂 … Isn’t this rain something? Such a godsend and I bet Mr. Frog is happy too. Cheers.

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