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I can’t say enough nice things about Thicket, a charming little garden store on NE 23rd (not to be confused with that other “trendythird” on the other side of town). It does do that familiar dance I encounter so often: using the broad term “succulents” with no further ID. I consulted my Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World, where the closest thing to this, my favorite plant this week, seems to be Cheiridopsis denticulate. Feel free to enlighten me if you know better. This just in: DG says it is Crassula falcata.


This succulent bowl was looking tired, so a couple of succulents from Thicket (that rosette-y one on the right might be Sedum multiceps) replaced an Aloe and Dyckia that never took to these surroundings. I’ve never been much good at mixed plantings. They seem to look sparse, taking a long time to build up to their moment of glory (which is just that: a moment) finally tipping over into the disarray of old age. This is my new approach: jam in whatever looks good right now…live for the moment.


I’m quite fond of this garage sale pot. Now if I can just find an indoor spot where it can live for the next few months. Due to circumstances described above, I am unable to give you the kind of detailed information Danger Garden always includes in her ‘Favorites for the Week’ posts. Hop on over there, where you will never be disappointed.

12 thoughts on “name that succulent

  1. You did a wonderful job with the planting, but I know what you mean – I’m not really any good at mixed plantings either. I think your fav is Crassula falcata. I used to have one but come to think of it I haven’t seen it for awhile..

  2. I call them all succulents. Hard to get my head around some of their names! Love that little pot and I’d say you did a good job “stuffing” them in. Mine are indoors for the winter now and unfortunately a few of my littlest favorites let me know that it’s not to their liking. Good luck with yours!

    • I feel a bit silly for wanting to know everything’s true name, but there you are. I’m having as much trouble as the plants adjusting to the idea of life indoors.

  3. Alison~Yes, I think Thicket is a must for you. Last year they closed for the winter, so best to check first. Though it is near Digs Inside & Out, so you can’t possibly strike out.

  4. Oh Ricki, just stumbled on this post belatedly! The succulents are all gone from the shop now, and the season is turning. Your arrangement is lovely! I have brought home some many houseplants from work that the kids need to move them out of the tub when they want a bath. Ridiculous.

    • Julie~So nice of you to stop by. The succs are crowding our living space but haven’t made it to the tub. I think that might cause a revolt in which the protests would not be pretty.

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