sometimes it’s about the vase


I fell in love with this little vase without even thinking about how useful it would be late in the season, when the pickings are sparse.


I was down to a single Zinnia today, but it makes up in pizazz whatever lack there may be in numbers.


If there is to be only one, I feel lucky that it is a red one.


Meanwhile, the dahlias keep coming, so I refreshed last week’s bouquet and added some little off-white pumpkins from the grocery store. This meme is bound to get ever more interesting as flowers fade and we must go farther afield to find material to put “In A Vase On Monday”. Won’t you join us?

14 thoughts on “sometimes it’s about the vase

    • Shirley~Do Dahlias not do well for you? I would think they would…maybe in a cutting garden off to the side somewhere. I can see how they would not exactly fit the overall scheme.

  1. Shirley is right, as the vase is perfect for the zinnia – I love the shape and the angle of the neck as well as the colour. I think I could manage a single zinnia next week! Good that you have thought to refresh your vase from last week – these things just become a habit after a while, I think. I am so pleased that you are enthused by this meme and are already thinking ahead – it is a different challenge altogether in the winter, but like the summer we soon see potential that we might have missed before.

    • Cathy~I’m already looking forward to the challenge of the winter months. You are so right: I look not only at the garden, but in thrift shops through new eyes.

  2. I love your little green vase and it is perfect for the brightly coloured zinnia. what a gorgeous red! looks great alongside your well used casserole, which I imagine producing lovely winter soups!

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