Fall is for Foliage


I always have to have at least one pot of coleus to brighten the porch area. A couple of 4″ pots from the super market soon fill a good sized pot with color to rival any blossom.

coleus Aurora Black Cherry

Each year there’s a new batch of varieties from which to choose. The name of the big, dramatic one in back escapes me, but the one in front is ‘Aurora Black Cherry’, with a pot of basil in the foreground.

Cornus kousa

Out in the garden proper, leaves are turning and the dogwoods are producing their charming fruits.

Callicarpa 'Profusion'

Beauty berries are plumping up and taking on that metallic sheen.

Paeonia 'Gold Sovereign'

Some of the best leaf color comes from the tree peonies and will only get better until the end.

Lecesteria formosa

Where once were pretty little white flowers, now dangle plump, shiny purple fruits on the Lecesteria formosa.
Hypericum inodorum 'Asbury Purple'

Here’s Hypericum inodorum  ‘Asbury Purple’, sporting shiny black berries to top off the foliage that gives it its name. Other foliage fanatics will join Pam for Foliage Follow-Up just as we do every month the day after Bloom Day. Don’t be left out.

And now there is another foliage meme here, by Christina, on the habit-forming blog, Creating my own garden of the Hesperides. Check it out and expand your horizons with even more fabulous foliage.

12 thoughts on “Fall is for Foliage

  1. Ricki, you’re right about coleus — its leaf color really can rival any flower. I like the berries that you included too. This is the berry time of year, and the birds are filling up!

  2. Anna~It was great fun to have a visit from you and Laura. R. commented on all the laughter. I told him that’s what happens when blogging buds get together.

    • Janet~I have seen several gardens where things like poppy pods and allium seed heads have been painted to dramatic effect. The beauty berry saves us the muss and fuss (and hunting down that metallic purple would be a challenge).

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