Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’: my favorite (this week)

Miscanthus 'Morning Light'

The grasses really come into their own about now, none more so than Miscanthus sinensus ‘Morning Light’.


I had admired it in several gardens before getting one of my very own. I had never seen it in Autumn, so had no idea that, on top of everything else, it would burst into bloom like this.

Miscanthus sinensus 'Morning Light'

As usual, Plant Lust provides information and sources, should you be moved to track this one down for your own plot. A dark background shows off the inflorescences, but be sure to site it so that the light (morning or evening) will set it ashimmer.


No week would be complete without checking Danger Garden to see what Loree has crowned fave of the week in her garden and to join the conversation in the comments. See you there!

15 thoughts on “Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’: my favorite (this week)

  1. Your ‘Morning Light’ has the beautiful form that mine now lacks. I will definitely divide mine in spring or as soon as it comes into growth. In the UK this Miscanthus rarely flowers, it needs a long warm summer. A great choice this week.

    • Christina~We had a remarkably long, hot summer. I wonder if it will bloom in more typical years. I love it just as much without the flowering, so to me it doesn’t matter at all.

    • Tamara~I’m always guilty of “cramscaping”, but ‘Morning Light’ benefits from space in which to shimmer. I’m thinking of dividing mine and spreading it around. Height predictions vary, but mine is about 3′ until it flowers, adding another foot or so. The clump expands pretty slowly.

  2. I love the Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ and it is on my wish list ! I have grown a lot of grasses only to be disappointed by them, but a good grass like this, is truly magnificent. I have some Molineas which have the same effect, and when backlit, they appear to shimmer.

    ‘Plant Lust’ sounds like a good site to know about – I will pay a visit…

    • Jane~I’ve been happy with the Panicums too, especially ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Shanendoah’. You might think about giving them a try.
      So happy to have introduced you to Plant Lust, the brainchild of three outstanding Portland gardeners.

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