monday’s vase: scrounged materials


The last wind storm blew down branches on our road. On my walk, I picked up a nice gnarly, lichen-encrusted branch with a few fresh, green catkins attached and another, bare but for a multitude of red berries.


The vase is a long-time favorite that gets pressed into service only rarely.


A stone slab tops a receptacle with a permanent frog embedded in the base. It lends itself to Ikebanaish arrangements using sparse material.


The sharp tines of the frog hold the branches in place. I added the silly red felt bird (not too sure about the artistic merit of the bird, but he makes me smile).


The grey bird candle echoes the color of the lichen, as does the small ceramic piece by Betsy Wolfeson. I like this best viewed from above, so I put it on the floor for photos. It will actually live on a low chest this week.

Cathy of Rambling in the Garden started this celebration of indoor arrangements, and this week, celebrating a full year (52 weeks…yes, she really did it), she gives us a bit of history. Let’s see if she can inspire you to join in the fun.

19 thoughts on “monday’s vase: scrounged materials

  1. Oh I love it rickii – the simplicity and naturalness of the twig and berries, and the slate and pebble vase (is it slate?). The birds too – both of them. Meanwhile my mind is ticking along as we have various bits of slate and I also have several pebbles with holes for tea lights….hurrah, more receptacles! Thank you for sharing and for your continued support

    • Jason~The knurled branch is (I think) a native hazel. The branch with the berries is separate and I don’t know its identity. It was along the roadside, so I suspect it is a native something-or-other.

  2. I have fallen in love with your container too, so unusual and perfect for this arrangement. When I first saw it I thought that the berries must be fake, there are so many of them. This would make the perfect Christmas decoration too, very, very tasteful, I love it.

  3. Amy~In fact, I think he is a bird straight from the fantasy-oriented imagination, but that’s a good guess about subliminal associations. Ink & Peat on N Williams usually has some interesting decorations. My guy was a gift, so I can’t tell you where he came from. He usually hangs above my computer, along with an equally wacky angel.

  4. Beth~Thanks. This meme is giving me an excuse to be on the lookout for interesting containers. It’s always good to have a mission, and the container will gain importance as the plant materials grow scarcer.

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