gbbd: blooms? what blooms?

mahonia 'Arthur Menzies'

Right on schedule, the Arctic blast came along to foil the plans of Mahonia ‘Arthur Menzies’ to bloom.


Do you think mittens (well, actually sox) can protect them enough to enable the showy display they had in mind?

I would pout if I were thwarted year after year, but Arthur continues to thrive. I wish I were that even-tempered.

Miscanthus 'Morning Light'

Many of the grasses have been decimated by high winds, but Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ is blooming to beat the band.

Panicum 'Heavy Metal'

And Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ shows off against what remains of the red foliage and stems of Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

Euonymous europaens

This is a first for me, and more exciting than this lonely little thing would seem to merit. After a number of years, the Euonymous europaens has finally deigned to produce a single flower (fruit?). Can this be a harbinger of greater things to come?

Rosa rugosa 'Buffalo Gals'

And in the realm of firsts: this big fat hip on Rosa rugosa ‘Buffalo Gals’ put in an appearance.


Moving indoors, the Cyclamen that bloomed all summer outside hasn’t missed a beat. It gets interesting when the weather turns and blooms are further and farther between. Why not check out May Dreams Gardens to see what others were able to come up with?

12 thoughts on “gbbd: blooms? what blooms?

    • Christina~I bought Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’ as a small plant in a 4″ pot. It grew and gained heft quickly. I hadn’t thought about growing it from seed, so have not examined the plant for seed heads. If there are any, I would be happy to send you some.

  1. Sweet Mahonia mittens! I bet you could make and market them for use with all kinds of plants. This cold snap has taken out so many of the flowers that can sometimes brighten our gardens for much longer! I’ll bet that your Eounymous will make more seed capsules in the future. Do you have both a male and a female plant? (don’t have to be the same Euonymous) it really helps with heavier capsule production.

    • Peter~I have a couple other Euonymous, but none are fruitful. I take this lonely little capsule as a good omen though. I’m not sure how to administer the mittens. Should they come off during sunny periods? It’s still below freezing, even mid-day.

    • Jason~It is about the size of a crab apple, come to think of it. Heavy Metal stays a bit bluer than Shanendoah and the inflorescences hold up longer. At least that’s been my experience.

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