in a vase on Monday: slim pickins


No staging, no set-up, just the sunlight pouring in on our breakfast table this morning. I picked the last of the Zinnias, all in tight bud, just ahead of the big freeze. I don’t know if they will open fully, but they did manage to unfurl enough to show a little color after I plunked them into this heavy green glass vase.

two roses

The last two roses, apricot ‘Just Joey’ and an unknown pink, are not colors I would normally choose to put together, but, well, you know what they say about beggars and choice. These didn’t even get a vase. They’re inhabiting a coffee travel mug I just happened to be carrying around the garden on my mission of rescue.


I guess you could say I accessorized some, if you count the sunlight (which can be in short supply of late) and the way it casts shadows that make everything look more interesting. Now Cathy has a dramatic, sophisticated vase to show you this week. Don’t miss it.

13 thoughts on “in a vase on Monday: slim pickins

  1. Oh, you have a Big Freeze now too, rickii – several people have mentioned it today. Brrr! I love that first photo with the newspaper and the sunlight – perhaps we should all be presenting our vases exactly as they come off the production line! I have one zinnia bud left so perhaps I should do the same and pick it… Thanks for sharing your slim pickins 🙂

  2. Good for you for rescuing your last zinnias. I waited too late and they all turned brown. Hope they’ll continue to open in that splendid green vase.. The roses still look quite nice. The sunlight adds drama to your vases.

  3. Ordering up the patch of sunlight was a nice touch, Ricki. I’m glad you were able to rescue some blooms before the big freeze hit up there – it’s so much nicer to see a partially opened bloom rather than the sad desiccated ones I’ve seen in some posts from the chilly PNW.

  4. The Zinnias will at least last a ling time in the vase so you’ll be able to enjoy them for much longer than if they were in the garden. The sunlight is stunning, just what we all need.

    • Christina~You’re right. The last Zinnia I picked lasted weeks in a bud vase. Mine didn’t do especially well this year but they’re still worth having.

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