ffu: time for evergreens

Cotoneaster horizontalis variegata

I’m wishing I had planted more Cotoneaster horizontals variegata, as it is turning into a nice spreading ground cover.


The two-tone leaves give it a silvery look, and you can even spot the occasional red berry in there.


Ozthamnus 'Sussex Silver'

Ozthamnus ‘Sussex Silver’ adds another shimmery element. It presents a pruning challenge, getting scruffy after blooming. So far, I’m finding it worth the trouble and R enjoys wielding his loppers in its direction.

deodora cedar

One of several successful bargains from Means, this Deodora cedar (sorry, that’s all I know) brings a golden glow to Delusional Drive.

Gaultheria procumbens

Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens, is filling in nicely for another ground cover. The red berries are tasty, too.

Viburnum ?

Only a few leaves remain on the mislabeled Viburnum, but they glow to make up for it.

Hydrangea quercifolia

Ditto for Hydrangea quercifolia.

Pam over at Digging has more foliar fun in store, as she does every month for Foliage Follow Up.

14 thoughts on “ffu: time for evergreens

  1. Anna~I’m not sure if that cedar is destined to grow to humungous heights or not, but if it does, I’ll move things out to give it room. Sorta wish I could freeze-frame it just as it is, while urging other things to grow, grow, grow. always wishing for the impossible.

  2. Alison~I love ‘Quicksilver’ too. Mine is in a bed that is currently overgrown and scruffy. Now that you mention it, I should clean it up, the better to enjoy that Hebe.

    • Jason~Cotoneastersare such easy plants, and there are so many of them there should be one to please just about anybody. The fall color was my whole reason for getting an oak leaf, but it isn’t altogether dependable. Some years it flames, others it browns out.

  3. I love love love that Cotoneaster–wonder if it would fry in my garden. The Ozothamnus I have killed already. Beautiful foliage, so refreshing to see gardens where it rains.

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