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Euphorbia mamilaris 'variegata'

Spending more time indoors leads to this favorite, Euphorbia mamilaris ‘variegata’ which, appropriately, came from Loree of Danger Garden fame, back in August of 2011. The little square pot with the balls for feet was a score from a resale shop.


The pot was one of three. When I bring them indoors, I have to put them in little square saucers to protect the woodwork. It means we can’t see those cute little feet, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


When they were lined up in a row on our deck railing, the raccoons found them irresistible and knocked them all about. Eugo here was all broken up over such mistreatment and so was I (not quite so literally). I potted up his broken parts. Since I gave them all away, I can’t report upon their continuing success. This guy, though, grew quite the topknot where he was wounded. It changed his personality, but he lost none of his witty charm. Here’s a link to some statistics. Plant Lust shows it available at two California nurseries. This one came from Digs Inside and Out, where you can often find funky, fun plants but can never be sure what will be on offer.


Originally, he had another arm on the other side, making him look like he was shouting “look, ma…no hands!”. The raccoons amputated, so now he’s a one-armed bandit. The last Friday of each month is now the day for a roundup of favorites we’ve featured throughout the month. I have only one other favorites post in November, and you can find it HERE.

15 thoughts on “fave roundup

  1. I’m surprised the raccoons bothered a spiky plant like this one! Apparently, planting prickly plants in their favorite haunts will prove to be another of my futile raccoon-avoidance strategies.

    • Loree~Yep, a lot of water under the bridge (so to speak) since that lovely day when I first visited your garden. Eugo is a witty reminder of your quirky and sharp inspiration.

  2. I think I like the adorable pots rather more than I do Eugo, but I am slowly warming to all kinds of succulents and other plants I never used to like so hey! I can like his character. He certainly looks very happy and growing well.

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