in a dry vase this monday


This vase was hiding in a downstairs bathroom with a few dried branches from last year. It has a crack on the back side where it won’t show, but that means no water. I noticed that its base kind of echoes the shapes of the little white pumpkins that have been around since before Halloween.


There were some seed heads and dried sword-shaped leaves from Crocosmias gone by and three stems of Phlomus to nestle in to a profusion of Chaxmanthium lactiflorum seeds that have faded to the color of pale wheat.


A dried branch of Eucalyptus provides a drooping element.


A few puffs of dried Allium complete the picture. R always laughs at me when I stoop to pick up fallen leaves, bits of moss and the like. Here, a few of those leaves strewn about strike me as just the right autumnal touch. What do you s’pose Cathy has in store for you in her Monday Vase? Here’s a hint: she goes over the top with color, which makes up for my neutrality.

15 thoughts on “in a dry vase this monday

  1. I love the shape of the vase with the pumpkins, I’ve never seen white pumpkins before, did you grow them? Dried grasses in a vase are lovely, the only problem as far as this meme is concerned is that they stay looking wonderful for months. I’ll be very interested to see how you ring the changes with it over the coming months!

    • Christina~I know what you mean about the dried stuff outliving its welcome. Yet another good thing about this meme is the need to make room for new arrangements. This one will probably be retired to my workroom, where it can be cannibalized for package tie-ons. Oh yes, the pumpkins: super markets around here have all sorts of unusual produce in the fall, some of it decorative like these little guys.

    • Diana~It does have a little bit of a Deco flavor, now that you mention it. More Art Junko, I’m afraid. The colors remind me of some shots you have shown of the landscapes in your part of the world.

  2. Drab indeed – tut! Definitely not – just great mix of textures and shades 🙂 Now, is Christina suggesting you might post this vase week after week with just a subtle change each time?! We could play spot the difference…! Only teasing, rickii 🙂 I am pleased you have reminded people about using cracked containers – vases with chips in are also of course very useable and cost much less at boot sales or US equivalents

    • Cathy~You have saved me from such a stale approach by the challenge to come up with something new each week. I am such a butterfingers, it’s sometimes cracked pots or no pots for me. If the plant material drapes over the sides it can hide a multitude of flaws.

  3. The Allium and Chasmanthium go really well together. And you’re right about the vase and the little white pumpkins, it’s very fetching how they echo each other.

  4. Love your Art Junko vessel. It’s ribs and the pumpkins’ shapes were the first things I noticed. I suppose you could put a smaller container inside it for cut flowers that might like a sip of water, but it’s perfect for your autumn-into-winter bouquet.

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