foliage follow-up for the holidays

Deodore cedar

Conifers shout “Holidays” to me. Here’s the bargain NOID deodore cedar with one of the towering native cedars as a backdrop.


Despite its humble beginnings, its performance has been stellar.


It has an almost frosted look, so I’m looking forward to the day when I can steal a few branches to bring indoors.


In the meantime, the wind storms were only too happy to oblige by littering the ground with evergreen branches.


A swag for the door gave me an excuse to feature this goofy little folk art angel that usually watches over my work station. I made a loop in a length of rope, then wired bundles of branches onto the ends with the unused wire fasteners from our trash bag liners. A purple satin ribbon matches the angel’s robe.


Our fireplace is free-standing, so no mantle. A pony wall around the stairs serves the same purpose. We had to leave a stretch in the middle for Sami to use as a perch.


It’s such fun to have an abundance of material to tuck in here and there inside and out.


I won’t bore you with every nook and cranny, but instead will suggest that you visit Pam to see what she and others are celebrating in the way of foliage.

17 thoughts on “foliage follow-up for the holidays

  1. Nice to have some cedar to “spruce” up the place–Looks great! My workplace has some landscape torrey pines that they used to prune this time of year and leave the clippings for anyone to take for their own decorations. Now they’re fed to the chipper. Less festive.

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