not exactly a vase on monday

Cornus s. 'Cardinal'

I had plans for our Christmas tree. It was to be the Abies koreana ‘Silberlocke’ that has been living in a big pot for several years. It needs to be liberated from that pot soon, but it was going to get a celebratory send-off, all decked out in Christmas finery. Well, scratch that idea: the pot was much too heavy to lift.


Hark the Seashell Angels Sing…I tend to get a little emotional about my Christmas tree, but once I calmed down we headed to Means. Having perused all of the green options, traditional and non, we hit upon this Cardinal Twig Dogwood. I had a client once who gave me one of the Margaret Furlong porcelain angel ornaments every year that we worked together (death did us part). After placing the tree, in its nursery pot, in a round terra cotta pot and disguising the uglies with moss, three of the angels were propped in the moss to form the angel chorus. A fancy cutwork linen tablecloth handed down in our crafty family is getting a rare outing, doubly protected by a glazed saucer within a plastic one.


The remaining angels are wired to the branches. A tube of tin icicles from Schoolhouse Electric contained 50, so there were plenty to make an impact, with some left over to drip from the garlands on top of the pony wall. Glass raindrops and berries add a little extra sparkle (those came from Smith & Hawken several years ago). Hard as it is to exercise restraint at this time of year, the rest of the ornaments remain in the box, with the promise to let them shine next year. I hope your holidays will shimmer and shine and bring you great joy.

Now, for some real vases this Monday, head on over to Rambling in the Garden.

14 thoughts on “not exactly a vase on monday

  1. How lovely rickii, and as real a vase as anyone else’s – I really appreciate that you do think out of the box as this way we can encourage others to think creatively and use materials that give us pleasure. You have combined your dogwood with lots of personal memories, which will undoubtedly bring you a great amount of pleasure but also proves to be a stunning vase on Monday. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    • Diana~The artist creates a new version for each year, so they are all slightly different. I’m looking forward to seeing your new garden take shape in the New Year.

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