another monday, another vase


Unlike the bright red one we had last year, this year’s poinsettia was already beginning to look ragged. I can’t say I’m sorry. I felt not a twinge of guilt as I had at it to add to today’s vase.


Two Fatsia japonica leaves are put into service: one as background for the bouquet, the other wound (underside out, the better to showcase the veins) around the inside of the vase. The stems here are best hidden because they’re not all that attractive.


I love the fresh little catkins on the hazels, so I cut three branches of them for a vertical element.


The seedheads of ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum are showing lovely russet tones. In they go.


I’m not sure which heather this is, but it picks up some of the russet, transitioning towards peach, while the Euonymous ‘Emerald and Gold’ has some of the poinsettia’s peach and some of the yellow of the Nandina berries. I headed out with low expectations today, but am quite happy with what I managed to ferret out. This meme is so much fun (and even more so as it gets more challenging in winter). It’s open to all, so head over HERE to join in.

14 thoughts on “another monday, another vase

  1. You always come up with such cool arrangements! I was looking outside over the weekend at what I might cut and arrange for a Monday post but I never got around to actually doing it. Maybe it’s best to just remain a fan of all of you who do this so well.

    • Peter~I stayed on the outside with my nose pressed against the glass for the longest time, but then couldn’t resist. Beware: it’s habit forming, but I do hope you will join in.

  2. Definitely the best thing to do with Poinsettia after their season. It makes the perfect cut flower with the Sedum. My Nandina berries are never yellow, do you have a different variety? Mine is Nandina domestica.

  3. Hurrah for cutting flowers off a poinsettia, even if it is a more interesting peachy one!! It works so well with the other contents and I really need to remember this use of leaves INSIDE the vase – it is such an effective idea! Thanks for your encouragement with the meme – as you say, it soon becomes addictive!

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