here’s a favorite: can you tell me its name?


The last time I visited Digs Inside and Out on Alberta Street, I found this cuddly cactus. JJ always has a few interesting plants, but this one has special appeal and here’s why:


Last summer JJ threw open her garden for the Garden Bloggers’ Fling. I was not alone in oohing and aahing over the squid pot on the wall or the equally drool-worthy plant it contained.


I couldn’t quite spring for one of the pots, but the plant was like bringing home a memento of sunny days, surrounded by the cream of gardening’s crop of gardeners in beautiful and imaginative settings.


I had just rediscovered this pot made by Hillary (daughter) when she was in grade school. The cactus, in its pot, fit exactly, with a little vertical wiggle room. I’m squeamish about taking a drill to any pot, but especially one this precious. I put some gravel in the bottom of the cachepot to bring the nursery pot level with the lip, then topped off with more gravel as a dressing.


I’ve had luck with the no-holes approach as long as the pots are not placed where they can be waterlogged by rain. If all goes as planned, my no-name cactus will thrive, multiply and begin to droop over the edges of its new home much as JJ’s mature specimen has done. Our host for Friday favorites, Danger Garden has one of these and can probably enlighten us with its proper name. A click to check out Loree’s blog is never amiss, regardless.

20 thoughts on “here’s a favorite: can you tell me its name?

  1. Well I just love both the pot and the plant, excellent pairing. My version of JJ’s plant came with many names: Golden Rattail Cactus, aka Cleistocactus winteri or also possibly Aporocactus ‘Golden Rattail’. Even if that’s not what yours is (meaning even if it continues upright) I think it’s a winner.

    • Loree~I knew I could count on you for some naming leads. You’re right, I love it just as it is and no matter what it chooses to do in the future (short of conking out, that is).

  2. I can see why you fell under the spell of this plant and the pot you first saw it in. The pot you have found is also rather lovely. good that you now have a name for your treasure.

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