in a vase on monday…on tuesday

Ranunculus asiaticus

A visit to Garden Fever turned up 4″ pots of Ranunculus asiaticus in the color of orange sherbet. I had the silver pots (vases) from the table decorations for a summer wedding. The nursery pots slip right into them, deeply enough to hide the plastic.


We were having friends to lunch, and Susan (one of our guests) had given me the 3 silver candle holders that echo the color and shape of the pots. Sherbet and cookies for desert carried the theme even a step further.  I guess this is cheating a little bit, because the flowers didn’t come from my garden, but they will be headed there now that they have served their purpose as table decorations. Cathy, at Rambling in the Garden is very forgiving of stretching the definition of ‘In a Vase on Monday’, so don’t hesitate to join in, or at least check it out.

17 thoughts on “in a vase on monday…on tuesday

  1. What an unusual colour of ranunculus rickii! Will you be able to plant these straight out afterwards – will it be mild enough for them? I have got some corms growing outside which are just pushing leaves through but I have not successfully got them to flower before – they will appear in a vase if the do, I am sure! Hope you and your guest enjoyed your lunch!!

    • Cathy~I moved them outside, but just to the outdoor table still in their pots. I seem to remember having them simply disappear when planted in the ground, so why bother?

  2. Elegant choice of pots for your lovely Ranunculus; I’ve planted some in a large pot in the greenhouse , there’s lots of foliage but no sign of any flowers yet. Sherbet and cookies sound delicious, will you share the recipe?

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