triple play: ffu, gbfd and garden favorite

foggy foliage

Our days have been starting out cloaked in fog. Looking out from the front deck, the scene is framed by gnarly cherry tree branches on the right and red branches of Stachyrus praecox on the left, giving perspective to the cedar trees disappearing gradually into the fog.


The view out back has deciduous trees forming the scrim in front of the ghostly forms of conifers farther down the trail into the woods.


There was moss left over after using some at the base of our “Christmas Tree”. It was left in a wire basket on the outdoor table and up popped these cute little fungi for a natural fairy garden look.

Mahonia 'Arthur Menzes'

Mahonia ‘Arthur Menzies’ finally came across with some flowers this year, but it is here as a foliage plant. It’s stiff, holly-like leaves are evergreen and textural for year-round interest.

Cryptomeria japonica spiralis 'Grannies Ringlets'

And to complete the triple play of the title, here’s my favorite plant of the week: Cryptomeria japonica spiralis ‘Granny’s Ringlets’. That Arcostaphylos in the background currently obscures it from the entry drive, but from the back side of the bed its curlique habit stands out from its more serious neighbors. It will eventually gain enough height to make its presence known from any angle. Loree of Danger Garden fame hosts the favorite plant meme and will have a roundup on the last Friday of the month. I have long participated in Pam’s Foliage Follow-Up meme at Digging. Recently I discovered a similar meme, Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day, at Creating My Own Garden of the Hesperides, hosted by Christina. I may be cheating a bit by hitting all three with one post, but you know how it is when the weather turns nice enough to get out there to start weeding and pruning, so I trust you will forgive me.

A comment from Anna brought to my attention that I did not include any info about Granny. You can find it HERE.

15 thoughts on “triple play: ffu, gbfd and garden favorite

  1. ‘Granny’s Ringlets’ — I bet they get people to buy them for the name alone. I would! Of course that green-gold foliage is another good reason. I enjoyed the foggy views. Thanks for joining in FFU again, Ricki.

  2. Why not three in one, more people will hopefully get to read your post. I know you love the mystery the fog brings, I can’t become fond of it, seems a damp grey thing to me. Cryptomeria japonica spiralis ‘Granny’s Ringlets’, now there’s a mouthful, as Pam says I’m sure some would buy it for the name alone. Thanks for joining GBFD this month, it’s always a pleasure to enjoy your foliage.

    • Christina~My granny had no ringlets..guess she’s the one who contributed my straight hair gene. I think you might like the fog we’re having todqy. The sun is shining through it, making it quite cheerful (not the Hound of the Baskervilles dark and moody variety at all).

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