in a vase: small gleanings


Here’s what I’m working with this week: a small white porcelain vase with a deco-like bas relief around its base and petal-like flared rim; moss to fill the vase and stabilize the stems; a skewer to poke holes in the moss; two small stems of Helleborus (stems dunked in boiling water to prolong life); three leaves each of Pulmonaria and Heuchera.


The Helebore is still in bud. It will be a greenish white when it blooms out but at this stage the maroon markings on the undersides of the petals are still visible, reinforced by the maroon of the Heuchera leaves. The sword shape and different patterning of the Pulmonaria leaves provide contrast and echo the shape of the leaves on the vase. All of these things were planted before I started keeping records, so that’s the best I can do with ID.


I kept it sparse to leave room for the buds to open and reveal their pretty inner workings.


Finally, I added a small votive in a frosted glass container and some match boxes covered with marbleized paper that echoes the colors of my little spring posy (well, winter, technically, but let’s pretend, shall we?)

Mondays are vase days, here and HERE, where Cathy hosts any and all would-be flower arrangers to adopt this habit forming meme. No pressure: drop in when it suits you, or take up the challenge to fill a vase with something from your garden every week, year-round.

30 thoughts on “in a vase: small gleanings

  1. Hi Rikki, I think your little vase is lovely, such a pretty collection of buds and foliage. I wish my hellebores buds had a long enough stem for me to pick but they seem to have been stopped by the extremely cold and frosty weather we’ve been enduring lately. Your covered matchbox is very decorative too.

    • Elizabeth~This is the first time I have picked any of my Hellebores…forced into it by the dearth of materials (yet another lesson learned of necessity).

  2. Thanks for your support with this meme, rickii – you always say such positive things about it. I love your slection of contents today – like last week all favourites of mine, so you are on to a winner as far as I am concerned. I like your explanation of how and why you put it together as well – thanks for sharing

  3. I agree with your comment above, I too long for quantities of fresh flowers but look what you found that you might not have enjoyed so much if you hadn’t been participating in this meme. This is the perfect arrangement to brighten a winter’s day.

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