I was very excited to find this succulent at Thicket last summer. It is in a pot with other succulents that all seem perfectly happy, but this guy is going all spotty (and not in a good way like ‘Spotty Dotty’).


The new growth is coming in looking like it’s covered in lint. I’m not finding visible insects. My guess is that it wants less water. If that is the case, I guess I’ll have to give it a pot of its own. That’s a shame, because it is just the textural element I want in this pot. Any ideas?

So here we are in the first week of March. If you would like to join in the question and answer game, please write about what puzzles you and link back here. My question last month can be found HERE. As I suspected, generous garden bloggers came forward with solutions from which I was able to make a plan going forward. Anna had a question about her Fargesia murilae that is about half dried out. Should she cut it back, and if so, how long do you think it would take for it to recuperate?

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  1. I’m (once again) of no help, I can however commiserate. I once had one of these plants that did the very same thing. It’s gone now. However Bridget brought by a bag of homeless plants last week (since she’s moving) and I am now the owner of two new ones. She said they took a lot more water than the usual succulent…

    • Loree~MORE water? Guess that blows my theory. I saw some in the Little Prince booth at YG&P, so maybe we can get some answers tomorrow…and a couple more plants with which to experiment.

  2. Beth~A little vacation from the internet every so often is not such a bad thing. I look forward to what you come up with when you are once again plugged in.

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