fave for a day, week, month…clematis armandii

Clematis armandii

The love/hate relationship with Clematis armandii is in the love phase right now. It’s at its prettiest as the buds are opening.


The way it drapes over the front deck cloaks our ordinary house in an aura of romance.


Loking out, the light catches the cascading blossoms.


Coming into the house, the clouds of blossoms engulf you in a subtle, sweet scent.


So what, you may be wondering, could possibly evoke the “hate” part of this relationship? Well, the detritus left behind once the show is over might be enough, but there’s also the fact that the vines get to looking pretty ratty from time to time and this heavenly show is not necessarily a predictably annual occurance. Never mind. As things stand, all is forgiven and Clematis armandii stands as the clear favorite in the garden right now.

18 thoughts on “fave for a day, week, month…clematis armandii

  1. Looks gorgeous right now. Enjoy. (I have a love-hate relationship with some plants in my garden. They just win me over when they’re at the “lovely” stage and then, it’s too late when they’re at the thuggish stage later.) Susie

  2. Anna~I’m the same way about liking most things best in the bud stage. The aroma doesn’t get going until at least a few of these are fully open though.

        • Rona~That’s a good policy. I will often buy two or three of something in a small size and try it in different place. It’s surprising to me that as little as a few feet can be the difference between success and failure.

  3. Your photos could sell this vine in a heartbeat but you’re right about the detritus. I’m dealing with something very similar (and annoying) with my Star Magnolia. Maybe today’s wind will speed up the process. 🙂

  4. I don’t live with the plant but I’m liking it! I like how it’s so delicate and “wild” looking compared to so many clematis hybrids or cultivars. We have a wild clematis that grows a quarter mile from me, but talk about rangy and unkempt during the long dry season. For all its springtime grace it hasn’t found a home in my garden.

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