gbbd in a vase on monday


I fell in love with a patch of Muscari macrocarpum ‘Golden Fragrance’ at Joy Creek and quickly planted my own. The fragrance is as subtle as the coloring. I was only willing to pick one, so I needed to find other things to fill in.


These two aperetif glasses struck me as spring-like and just the right size. A few gold chocolate coins left over from Christmas stockings give an idea of scale and pick up the gold of the glasses. Both got a sprig of Stachys ‘Helen Von Stein’ and one stem of Euphorbia wulfenii. I have two kinds of Pulmonaria, both acquired at our bloggers’ swaps. The pale one went into the vase with the Muscari, while the vibrant , darker blue became the focus of the vase on the left.


All of the usual suspects are in my spring line-up, some earlier than usual. I decided to cull my photos and show you only what made it into my vase this Monday. More vases can be found every Monday at Rambling in the Garden and plenty of blooms show up at May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of every month.

15 thoughts on “gbbd in a vase on monday

  1. Oh rickii, I had to smile at your last reply… 😉 We can only project an image from the little gravatar we see, but now we know the truth… 🙂 Nevertheless, I love your little arrangements as you might have guessed, regardless of their likeness to the arranger, because I like the challenge of tiny vases. I love all pulmonaria and the stachys is just right to accompany it. I think your euphorbia is probably the same as the one I used, although it is a number of years since I officially had one in the garden, mine being a stray seedling. It looks great in a vase, doesn’t it? It’s good to be able to spare a token favourite sprig for a vase once in a while as it shows you value what you are doing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cathy~Many sprigs of this and that are finding their way into the house for the first time, thanks to you…shich is funny, because when I first started gardening, my whole reason for doing so was having flowers to cut.

  2. I to fell for’ Golden fragrance’ after seeing it at JC. I’ve got only a small clump, which I divided into two last year . Now, I have two even smaller clumps. I must remember to order more. I decided bud vases are the thing for me…can’t seem to cut enough blooms to anything else !

    • Linda~My little clump has been slow to develop. I’m thinking I should try more in another location. JC is such a source of inspiration…something different on every visit. We should meet up there again.

  3. Elizabeth~WooHoo! My last comment showed up right away, so it looks like we’re back in business. Thanks for whatever magic you worked behind the scenes.

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