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I’ve been pruning the Arcostaphylos densiflora ‘Harmony’ to reveal the shiny trunks on the side facing the drive, but leaving the back side to its own devices. This way, the tiny leaves and flowers form a backdrop. I like the textural differences here, with the Yucca’s bold, sword-like leaves. Were I more meticulous, I would have banished that dandelion before taking the picture.

I’m joining Anna in her new meme called Wednesday Vignette. She has a wonderful design sense that leads to some stunning combinations, so I urge you to check it out. Each new meme challenges us to new ways of seeing…I guess that’s called “Art”.

21 thoughts on “wednedsday vignette

    • Loree~Ideas are for stealing. Not so much smart as starting on the “front” side and noticing the effect before working my way around to the back.

  1. Ricki, I am sorry it has taken me so long to stumble upon your blog. I love this picture. The color of the trunk looked so familiar and then I looked it up…a lovely Manzanita. I love the contrast of these two plants. I am from San Diego (banish to Houston for some horrible transgression I am unaware of) and used to spend weekend hiking among the sage brush, manzanita was always my favorite. Happy spring!

    • So glad that you found your way here. Manzanitas seem to have a pretty wide range. We saw many of them along the coastline when we vacationed on Orcas Island.

  2. Beautiful! I love dandelions in the spring. They’re cheerful and adaptable, both admirable qualities so I sometimes let them stay until after they’ve bloomed. Love those trunks against the big strappy fellow. 🙂

  3. Of course it’s art! The dandelion speaks to rough-hewn nature that makes its way into our most carefully tended outdoor spaces, The delicate balance of embracing nature and utter entropy. Poetic. And a pretty picture too, with the spiky accents against the lines of manzanita trunk…

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