in a vase on monday

Enkianthus campanulatus sikokanus

This small tree, Enkianthus campanulatus sikokanus is a favorite when it is in bloom with these subtle, dangling bells. I’ve never used them as a cut flower before, but then that’s what happens when we join Cathy in her challenge to find something in our gardens to put in a vase every Monday of the year. It’s easy right now, but even so, we begin to look at the garden with new eyes. You should try it.


The bells are the tall element, rising from a pouf made up of two Rhododendron scapes: ‘Horizon Sunset’ and ‘Seaview Sunset’, while one branchlet of Betula pendula ‘Youngs’ cascades to the tabletop. It didn’t really want to cascade, so I disciplined it with a rock to hold it in place.


A single fallen flower is always a plus in my book.


And here it is in place, with some of Richard’s candlesticks in the background and the birch branch draped across one of his cutting boards. If you are wrapped up in the gifting season for newlyweds, dads or moms, you might want to check out his Etsy shop.

20 thoughts on “in a vase on monday

    • We buy them for the foliage, but as long as they don’t all bloom at once, the flowers can be nice. They don’t last long, so there’s that.

    • I remember one gardener’s response to the question: how do you achieve an integrated design? Ans: I just plant what I like and it all seems to work out.

  1. So true that participating in these Monday vases makes us look at everything as potential vase material. Enkianthus is new to me. You used it effectively in the arrangement. The delicate colors in the rhododendron are so beautiful.

  2. It’s actually not a book, but a block of wood with words engraved on the edge (to be used as a cutting board or a lap desk, as the mood strikes.

    • My Enkianthus needed pruning anyway. I’ve started to leave pruning for when I can use the trimmed bits in a vase. Two birds with one stone and all.

  3. Hmm, I wonder what other disciplinary tools you have up your sleeve rickii! You clearly have a natural ‘eye’ for colour and balance – definitely colour echoes like Amy says. I was looking at my rhododendrons when I had my returning ramble and wondered about vase potential…

    • Those Rhody scapes are so luscious, and if you catch them at the right time (just as they are opening) the vase life is pretty good.

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