garage sale season in a vase on monday


The signs are everywhere, literally: garage sale; estate sale; yard sale. Good idea to plan an extra hour into any weekend excursion this time of year. This little pitcher caught my eye. It seemed the right base for a burst of color. I planted a six pack of snapdragons billed as orange. There’s some orange in there, but also a pretty healthy blast of hot pink. i’m hoping for truth in advertising to hold sway over the other six pack promising red. The stems on these were still short, but I wanted to cut them to encourage future flowers. I discovered, in handling them. that the stems are quite brittle.


I started with a sprig of sage, then went back for another sprig of the brighter tricolor sage and three chive blossoms in bud. I like the way they form tight little purple balls before opening into larger, fluffy lavender balls.


I noticed, after a few minutes, that my little bouquet was sitting in a puddle. So much for my great garage sale find. I moved the arrangement into a glass vase of similar size, but the effect was not the same. Now let’s see what Cathy has come up with to put In A Vase On Monday.

26 thoughts on “garage sale season in a vase on monday

  1. Oh no that is too bad about the jug/vase. When the first picture came up I noticed that stunning sage immediately…I adore it and love how it looks in this vase with the snapdragons…another favorite.

  2. Too bad your little Blue Mountain Pottery pitcher leaked. Now you’ll have to look for a short glass vase that will fit inside. Your arrangement looks sweet in that container!

  3. A leaky pitcher! Well, it was lovely while it lasted. I’m finding myself quite fond of blooms that blur the line between pink and orange. Such a great way to create agreement between my love of plants that (unfortunately) bloom pink, and all things orange. The sprig of tri-color sage is a wonderful addition to the mix.

    • Almost any color can be rescued by the right companion. No rescue for the pitcher, I’m afraid. It was only a dollar, but still…I can’t imagine putting it in a garage sale without declaring its flaw.

  4. It is pretty with or without the flowers. I like the flower colors so similar to bougainvillea.

    Our neighborhood holds garage sale weekend which makes it easy. So many fun things I’ve found for the garden that way. Always a risk something won’t work out.

    • Hadn’t thought about the similarity to bougainvillea…just goes to show that we waste time moaning about the things we can’t grow. Usually there is a reasonable substitute. This was a reasonable risk to take…nothing like betting on a trifecta.

  5. Oh what a shame about your puddle… 🙁 The jug was perfect for your arrangement and I especially loved the trio of chive heads – and on balance I like the orange and pink snapdragons too. Thanks for sharing rickii

  6. It’s too bad the little jug isn’t water-tight – it’s certainly very pretty and I’d have snapped it up too. The flowers you selected were just perfect but I bet it would look nice with the papery flowers of statice too.

  7. Well, at least you had fun at the sales. Consider it almost free entertainment, for the cost of a leaky vase. So much cheaper than a movie.

  8. I love this combination. A shame about the vase but it certainly looked promising. I used the grow the same or similar sage (labeled as Salvia Dorada ‘Aurea’ (Golden Sage)). Not sure mine made it through the winter.

  9. Sad about the pitcher, I agree, I wouldn’t have been able to sell it without saying it didn’t hold water; but even in shops here in Italy they sell vases that leak, I’ve been given two as presents!

  10. I love the colors in this arrangement! Hot pink combined with orange is one of the few ways I appreciate pink. Maybe you could use an acrylic sealant or something to fix the leak in your new vase.

    • I was going to resign myself to consigning it to a shelf, but this suggestion might work…another of those “I’ll get around to that someday” projects.

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