the flowers…that bloom in May

Nectorosecordum siculum

I’ll stick to a few favorites because, well…you know how it is in May…and I know you have many blogs to visit before you sleep. Is it still an Allium? Who can keep up? Nectoroscordum siculum should get you there, if you want to order some.

Buddleja globosa

Buddleja globosa

Iris 'Immortality'

Iris ‘Immortality’

Iris 'Beverly Sills'

Iris ‘Beverly Sills’

Cornus canadensis

Cornus canadensis groundcover

Cornus kousa variegata

variegated Cornus kousa

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25 thoughts on “the flowers…that bloom in May

  1. It’s difficult to choose just a few blossoms this time of year, isn’t it? Cornus canadensis ground cover is new to me and I like the look of it very much. Susie

  2. Thank you for growing irises, as I love to see them this time of year and have only the PCIs. ‘Beverly Sills’ is perfectly like her: I remember a common PR shot of her in a silky blouse almost exactly that color!

  3. The darling buds of May! It is a floriferous month to be sure! Love your iris as I am not very good at growing them. (Too much competition in the beds for their liking.) Happy GBBD!

  4. I have too much trouble picking just a few to share. That variegated Cornus kousa is really interesting and beautiful. I have only one bearded iris. I would love to get more, especially fragrant ones, if I could just decide where in my big blank canvas to put them.

    • I have taken to scattering the irises around in various places. The strong sword-shaped foliage is the perfect accent even when there are no flowers to enjoy.

  5. So glad to see that you’ve got a Buddleja globosa, since you’ve got the space for it to really go crazy. I (ridiculously) shoe-horned one into my garden simply because I had to.

    Could you tell me what the thin dark foliage behind ‘Beverly Sills’ is? Looks to be terribly attractive.

    • When I bought that Buddleja from Cistus it was a tiny little thing. As is my wont, I did no research and was shocked by its rapid growth. No matter…it has plenty of room to do its thing and I am entertained by watching it.

      The dark foliage rescuing Beverly from saccharine pinkness (along with that orange beard on her chin) is Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’, which I got from Heather.

  6. I think you have been very restrained; the Nectoroscordum siculum is a lovely plant, I have it too but this is the first year that the stems have been upright with dangling heads as they should be; no idea why they have always been twisted and flopped before. I like your ground-cover Cornus.

  7. I have never seen Buddleia globosa – what an intriguing plant. Is it invasive like B. davidii? I am jealous of the Cornus canadensis.

    • I’ve not seen any little seedlings popping up, even though there has been no deadheading. I started with five 4″ pots of the C. canadensis and it is spreading nicely.

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