a vase after a storm


Earlier in the week, we had a storm that beat down quite a few things. I went on a rescue mission and stuffed all of the refugees into a big square vase that R brought back from the dump. I thought I would make up some smaller arrangements later.


Then I got to looking at it and thought “hmmm…this could be the start of something”. To begin with, there was a bunch of foliage from the tree peony ‘Chinese Dragon’, a few NOID shrub roses, some white herbacious peonies and several bearded iris. To this base, I’ve added two stems of the tree peony ‘Gold Sovereign’, some chive blossoms and some tight buds of peonies.


The iris blooms last only two or three days, so the bouquet needs constant tweaking to remove faded blooms. The tightly furled buds will take over as the exhausted ones give out and are removed. It speaks me of the abundance and changeable nature of the season. Visit Rambling In The Garden to see what Cathy’s got up her sleeve – er – in her vase.

26 thoughts on “a vase after a storm

  1. Oh the colours are lovely, rickii – that unnamed iris is so distinctive and makes a real statement that the other blooms complement. It’s good to be using ‘storm damaged’ goods too, like a phoenix rising from the fire – if you think the analogy is appropriate πŸ™‚

    • The vase is big, square and heavy: all the requirements for anchoring a big bunch of flowers. Other than that, it is boring, so we’re not missing anything there.

  2. Like Donna, I really like the colour of the peachy Iris, last year I had lots in vases because they were broken by the wind, this year there have only been a couple and that was due to woolly aphids rather than wind. I find it interesting that when presented with a mass of flowers we all come up with so very different ways of using them.

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