favorites roundup…yee haw

Euphorbia spiralis

This is my favorite plant this week: Euphorbia spiralis. The little plastic pot it lives in exactly fits into the decorative metal container that has a story of its own. When my mom was a girl, her dad had an East Indian friend (turban and all) who often had dinner with the family. As a thank-you for the many meals shared, he brought this (vase? tumbler?). My mom was a great “user” of things, so, being metal, it was one of the few treasures that lasted long enough to be handed down. I had tried to use it as a vase, but flowers wilted almost immediately…some kind of chemical reaction, I guess. I’m trending toward metal containers for Agaves and such, so this fits right into the scheme.


On May 22, I included this Iris ‘Mahogany Beauty’ – thanks, Evan (Practical Plant Geek) for giving it a name – in a grab bag post.

Nectorosecordum siculum

Taken from my Bloom Day post for May, my favorite was nectaroscordum siculum. I haven’t done favorites posts throughout the month, so I decided to pull favorites from the month’s posts in order to join Loree (Danger Garden) for her favorites meme. Her garden is filled with rare and unusual plants, so it’s always interesting to see what she singles out as a favorite on any given week.

13 thoughts on “favorites roundup…yee haw

    • It’s a made up name, so don’t try to find it based on that. In my experience, you can find similar iris going by several names. Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is a good place to start looking.

  1. Oh…love that Euphorbia! Where did you find it? It’s wonderful tucked into that metal cup. Your iris is a stunner too, and reminds me I was going to take a photo of a bloom from the one you gave me and use it for a “in a vase” post, but never got around to it. Unfortunately there was a hose accident right before it burst open. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy the bloom indoors.

    • The Euphorbia came from Portland Nursery Stark…serendipitous that it fits into the cup. I can remove it any time to check for water down below…next best thing to a drainage hole. Glad you are enjoying my favorite iris. You should have more every year. I now have them in several locations, which extends bloom time according to how much sun they get. I just got a E. ‘Ascot Rainbow’ to plant next to one. The little markings in the acid green of the flowers is an exact match to the mahogany color.

  2. The favorites roundup is the brainstorm of Danger Garden. It is fairly loosely organized, so you could participate in a number of ways.

  3. Your iris is so stunning. I have pastel colored irises in my garden in shades of purple, pink, yellow and white, so yours is vastly different from the ones I am use to, and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m sure it looks magnificent in vases, but equally as beautiful to admire in the garden. I can see why it is a favorite.

  4. Not a big succulents fan as you may know, but that spiralis thingy is very cool. Love the Iris. Nectaroscordum looks interesting, is it a kind of Allium or just something similar?

    • Nectaroscordum was long grouped with the Alliums. It’s been through the renaming mill and can now be found nearby in catalogs…go figure.

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