wednesday vignette from ANLD tour


The shadows, the textures, the spiral…wowsa! I’ll write a full post on Friday to give you a sneak peek at this garden and others on the ANLD garden tour coming up June 20. If you are already hooked by this image (and believe me, this is barely the tip of the treasure to be unearthed on this tour) you can purchase tickets at Al’s in Sherwood, Cornell Farm, Gardener’s Choice, Garden Fever, Portland Nursery or through the ANLD website. You can also enter a drawing at my table at the Garden Bloggers’ Bazaar this Saturday. Now check out Anna’s (ad-free) vignette and the links to others.

13 thoughts on “wednesday vignette from ANLD tour

  1. Ah, another shadow vignette! With added textural interest. I admit I’m intrigued to see more. I’ll be entering that drawing, and if I don’t win maybe I’ll hop over to Garden Fever after the Bazaar.

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