floral fireworks in a vase


Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ always reminds me of fireworks. Helpfully, it always blooms right around the Fourth of July.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

From its earliest bud stage, right on through the formation of handsome seed heads, it proves vase-worthy.

Verbena boneriensis & Gladiolus

The first of the Gladiolus to bloom turned out purple instead of the orange I was expecting. Oh, well…a few stems of Verbena bonariensis echo its color and I happen to love purple with reds and oranges. The glad is quite fragrant, which surprises me.

Erumurus 'Cleopatra'

My Erumurus put on a disappointing show this year. They always remind me of roman candles, so one stem found its way into this vase, a simple tall cylinder. To add a little visual weight to the base of the explosive arrangement, I cut two leaves of Calla Lilies…and there you have it: my entry into Cathy’s (Rambling in the Garden) ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme that has many of us scouting our gardens and environs for material to put in a vase any week of the year.

35 thoughts on “floral fireworks in a vase

  1. oh how I love that colour combination and the space you have created in your gorgeous arrangement is inspiring – a purple gladdy – I don’t think I’ve ever seen such and marvel before – wonderful all round!

  2. Beautiful–great mix of flowers and foliage and summery colors. I’ve killed more Crocosmia than I can count, but it is a star in your vase. Where is truth-in-advertising? My glads were supposed to be purples but the first to open is quite pink. Yours is the shade I’m hoping for…

    • I guess they (the glads) must get mixed up in the sorting at the growers. It would be nice to be able to plan, but I plant them mostly for cutting so it doesn’t matter too much.

  3. My Erumurus were very wimpy this year. I thought they were the desert candles ? Looks like they need more water than we thought .
    I like that purple Gladiolus . I have Gladiolud dalenii’Bollvian peach’ ( had to look that up). I got it from Xera two years ago ; didn’t bloom last year. The plant grew nicely though. This year I see blooms !

  4. What a great fireworks display! It is definitely a show-stopper, and the bright colors are perfect for summertime. I went with a similar patriotic-theme vase this week as well, though mine is much more stereotypical 😉

    • I had three stems where usually there have been eight or ten. I blame the heat for all failures this summer and have resolved to add more, just in case.

  5. This is definitely my favourite vase that you’ve created. I love the spaces you’ve left between the flowers; I never manage to achieve this kind of elegance.

  6. Oh now that definitely is floral fireworks, rickii – it’s the shape of the blooms as well as the colours – how well chosen! The blue/purple gladiolus is stunning and your ‘disappointing’ eremerus makes me wonder whether to have a go with them myself next year… Thanks for sharing

    • I’ve heard from others that their Eremurus under-performed this year. Call me a cock-eyed optimist but I will be adding more cuz I love them so.

  7. Oh, fabulous! Especially the Eremurus and Crocosmia. But no white for a patriotic display? Although you also have yellow so that could confuse people.

    • We usually do the whole thing: BBQ, flags, fireworks (the legal ones) but this year we were stick-in-the-muds. The heat wave has rendered us listless.

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