wednesday vignette

Hyland garden

Peeking through the framework of fig leaves, Mexican feather grass creates a hazy scrim with bold, upright leaves poking through (not sure what those leaves are). This magical combination is just a sneak peek at Bob Hyland’s garden. I will expand on that later in the week, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, Anna (Flutter and Hum) has a weekly vignette for you and a gateway to others. Dip into her astute design sense and I know you will want to return on a weekly basis.

13 thoughts on “wednesday vignette

  1. Great shot, Ricki! Really nice framing. Those dark leaves coming up through the Mexican feather grass might be Eucomis, pineapple lily. I haven’t made it down to Portland on the weekend to see any gardens yet. I need to fix that.

  2. I’ve just been going through my photos and trying to pare them down to a number that will not be too daunting. My shutter was clicking constantly.

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