reds in white and blue vases


A garage sale yielded a little collection of blue and white vases. I needed to cut some of the first Dahlias ‘Groovy’ so they’ll keep pumping out new flowers. Same for the deep red snapdragons, so my theme was set.

DSC_0031 (1)

The square vase is a mere 3″ to a side and as tall. Short stems of Dahlias and snaps filled it up in no time.


A little taller with a narrower neck, this vase got a couple of longer stemmed snaps and the last of the red Gladiolus. I like the way the lacy Queen Anne’s Lace shows up against the reds.


Finally, a small cylinder completes the trio. More Queen Anne’s Lace and a couple stems of Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’ have an airier look but share the same color scheme. I’m happy to report that last week’s bouquet, in the copper vase, fared well. It has lasted as long as most and better than some, so I’ll be using that vase again with no reservations. Be sure to check out Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) to see hers and others’ vases this Monday.

20 thoughts on “reds in white and blue vases

  1. I’m utterly amazed that you have snapdragons blooming in August. I’m envious of the dahlias and fuchsias too. All of the fuchsias I planted here this year have turned into crispy brown twigs, leading me to declare that I have, once and for all, given them up (until I decide different).

  2. What gloriously rich colours; did you try the Fuschia with the Dahlias, I think the textures would have looked amazing together? Love you car boot finds, you can never go wrong with blue vases!

  3. I love blue and white china, and the little vases are so cute. The red looks smashing in them, and while I hate the tenacity of Queen Anne’s Lace, it does look very lacy on top of the red gladiola.

  4. A lovely selection of reds – and reminds me that I have a similar fuchsia which I have never yet used in a vase. I am glad it is not just me that can’t resist a bargain vase or receptacle – I managed not to resist 3 at a car boot sale at the weekend…! :0

  5. Beautiful little vases–what a great find. The dahlias are wonderful. I’ve been disappointed in mine so far but hope they’ll like autumn better than this hot summer.

    • I’ve heard the tip that making bouquets is a good way to play with plant combos. Can’t go wrong with blue and white, although it’s your hot colors that float my boat.

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