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My favorite plant in the garden right now is Artemesia versicolor. I ordered this a few years ago from High Country Gardens, one of my few ventures into the world of mail order.

Artemesia versicolor

Artemesia versicolor

I love the way it roils over the stone edging of this berm, reminding me of the crest of a wave breaking on a rocky shore. Loree (Danger Garden) brings us a chance to strut our favorites on the last Friday of each month. Won’t you join in?

30 thoughts on “month-end favorite

  1. My friend and work pal Gina gave me one of those last year. I love it too! Great texture plant for sure. I think I need to move it so it too can “roll over” something. 🙂 I just might have to join in this week!

  2. It looks great on the berm. I like this plant a lot too and also ordered some from High Country Gardens. It didn’t work here, not sure why so I might try again.

  3. I love the silvery feathery foliage, and also the curliques. I can see a handlebar moustache. I like plants that just mound and don’t get tall and flop, great find!

  4. You were way ahead of me Ricki, I just recently discovered this beauty. Of course I jumped right in and now have several (4). I was just at Xera yesterday and can vouch for their having quite a few – if you’re looking to add to your collection.

    • Are yours in your front garden? Funny that you would have 4 and, with all my space, I have only the one. It is in a smallish berm though and I have no other areas where it would work as well. Thanks for the sourcing tip just the same.

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