monday vases are cream & sugar

DSC_0002 (1)

You can probably tell that this cream and sugar set is from the 1970’s. It seemed perfect to showcase the rustic colors prevalent in the garden right now. I gathered a bit of everything.

Cotinus 'Purple Robe'

The first Cotinus I ever saw had a bright red border around its dusky purple leaves. I searched everywhere, to no avail. Now I’m thinking it was a stressed specimen (it lived in a hellstrip in NW Portland). Mine is not quite as dramatic, but this hot summer has produced a similar effect. This went in as the base for the first bouquet.

Dahlia 'Akita'

Dahlia ‘Akita’

After adding a bit of feathery willow and a Dahlia ‘Akita’, I decided that was enough.

Dahlia 'Groovy', Euphorbia 'Fire Charm', Rosa glauca

For the second vase, the base consists of several stems of Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’ (most just leaves but one with a late flower) and some more sprigs of the willow (for continuity). A second ‘Akita’ is joined by Dahlia ‘Groovy’ and a stem of Rosa glauca hips and leaves.

DSC_0010 (1)

Here’s a closer look before I take these inside…


where they fit right in with the color scheme we’ve got going in our dining room. Gee…I sorta feel like I should have a dinner party.


My eyes proved bigger that my vases, so there was plenty of material left over to fill another vase. This one has two different Kniphofias some Zinnias, the last ‘Akita’, a NOID Dahlia and a few snapdragons.


Here’s the back side of my afterthought vase. Oh, and there’s a stem of Phygelius ‘Moonraker’ in there too. Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) is your gateway to ‘In a Vase on Monday’, where bloggers are invited to find something to “plonk” in a vase every week of the year.

21 thoughts on “monday vases are cream & sugar

  1. Well I wouldn’t have actually pegged that cream and sugar set as hailing from the 70s, but it’s great. I like it and I like your table arrangements very much. Interesting the hot weather brought about the desired red-rimmed border on the Cotinus. Have a good week!

  2. Oh – that first vase is such a such a perfectly subtle blend of shades. As always you have chosen with such a good eye, rickii – and why don’t the two of you have a dinner party on your own. Go on, indulge yourselves…

  3. Well ricki you have created a beautiful trio of complementary vases each beautiful and I love the pottery and green vase….fabulous fall colors starting wit the Cotinus and dahlia. Your table is perfect for a dinner party!

  4. It’s always amazing to me how much impact can be achieved in small vases, your arrangements look so elegant on the table. I tend toward small arrangements too, and in photographs it’s hard to tell. I love your salmon and red shades, I wish I had some Dahlias in those colors. Mine are being very slow to bloom, but hopefully soon, they look so wonderful in a vase. The Kniphofias are a nice touch.

    • With all the hot weather, I thought the Dahlias would be early. Guess they have their own internal clock and refuse to be rushed. I find small arrangements best for the table so we can see over them.

  5. I think your observation about the Cotinus is correct; mine always have a pink or red rim around the leaves, I thought perhaps it was because they needed some mineral but it is more likely that it is due to stress; mine are stressed nearly all the time poor things! All your vases are perfect this week Ricki but I particularly love the last one in the beautiful green glass.

  6. Beautiful as always! (And your arrangements are lovely too.) The second of your sugar and creamer arrangements that included the rose hips and euphorbia is really sweet and I love the contrast of the hot-colored flowers with the cool green vase. It’s a fiesta all by itself!

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