wednesday vignette


Look closely, a bit below and to the left of center, at the photo above and you will see a stem of orchids pushing its zigging and zagging way into the light of day.

DSC_0002 (1)

You know how it is with orchids. Someone brings you one as a gift, it blooms, seemingly forever and when the flowers fade it gets relegated to some obscure spot where it will be neglected into oblivion. This one landed on the corner of Richard’s desk. My first clue that something was afoot: the single stem lined with buds. When questioned, R admitted to having watered it about once a month.


Here it is today, relocated to the living room, where we can enjoy it as long as it chooses to grace us with blossoms. R is henceforth designated orchid custodian of our household. Join Anna (Flutter and Hum), the self-designated custodian of Wednesday Vignettes.

10 thoughts on “wednesday vignette

  1. I have the same experience with orchids, although the majority of mine land somewhere outside, where they’re largely forgotten and left to the mercy of mother nature. It’s always a delightful surprise – and seemingly something of a miracle given our rain totals – to find one blooming. Yours (an Oncidium?) is a beautiful color mix.

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