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Callistemon pityoides

Callistemon pityoides

Must lead off with something that has me very excited because it is blooming for the very first time. I’m going to call this my favorite plant in the garden right now and link to Danger Garden.

Cuphea 'Strybling Sunset'

Cuphea ‘Strybling Sunset’

Brand new plants are pretty exciting too. The Cigar Flower came from HPSO’s Plant Fest last weekend by way of Dancing Oaks Nursery. Also from that source: Kniphofia thomsonii and Epilobium (Zauschneria) canum.

Chasmanthum latiformium

Chasmanthum latiformium

Northern Sea Oats has begun to take on a burnished look that will only get better as time goes on.

Bouteloua gracilis

Bouteloua gracilis

‘Blonde Ambition’ is batting her eyelashes in my garden for the first time this year.

Persicaria 'Lance Corporal'

Persicaria Lance Corporal was invited into the woodland to show off his chevrons. A bonus came along with him in the form of long stems of teensy red flowers that pop when they catch the light.

Solidago 'Fireworks'

Solidago ‘Fireworks’

Speaking of popping, the goldenrod is earning its name. I always look forward to these late season fireworks.

Nicotiana lansdorfii

I have a soft spot for things grown successfully from seed. Plus, I’ve never seen this particular Nicotiana for sale in a nursery.


Nothing unique about the Cosmos, but growing these from seed means that I can have lots of them.

I’ll stop there, even though there’s plenty more going on. If you’re wanting more floral fun, you will find it at (May Dreams Gardens), where Carol hosts bloom Day on the 15th of each month. Thanks, Carol.

26 thoughts on “gbbd and a favorite

  1. I’d be excited by that Callistemon bloom too ; by any Callistemon bloom , I’ve killed all mine. It’s probably a good time to try again , with El nino or La nina here . I might just get one going .

  2. Callistemons are my new favorite plant, which is funny as I grew up sick to death of the red ones that literally grew in every yard of every person who lived in my SoCal neighborhood. I love that Cuphea ‘Strybing Sunset’ too even if 3 of them did perish in the heat in my front garden. (I’m holding out hope for a resurrection.) Happy GBBD!

  3. Congratulations on the Callistemon bloom! I’ll be excited when my Callistemon pityoides blooms, too, someday. I have a soft spot for plants I grew intentionally from seed, and I’ve learned to love volunteers.

  4. Your C. pitioides is blooming too! Mine isn’t showing a hint. Paul Bonine says they are shy for the first several years, so I’m not giving up hope for next year. Love that sweet, simple Nicotiana. I’m a sucker for a soft cream or creamy yellow flower. Happy Bloom Day!

  5. I agree that growing from seed is the most rewarding way to grow 🙂 I had plenty of failures this year though..And just when I thought the delphinium babies were in the clear, I found them stripped by cabbage moth caterpillars. Gah.

  6. Hi Rickii, That Nicotiana is simply beautiful. I have it too. It came up on its own. There are several now that seem to have cross-bred. I love them all. Congrats on the new Callistemon. Definitely worth the wait. ‘Blonde Ambition’ is such a cool grass, as is Sea Oats.

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