this vase is a teapot


This little copper tea kettle sits atop our kitchen cabinets, all but forgotten. Encouraged by the way the flowers held up in a copper vase a few weeks ago, I decided to press it into service. I liked the patina, so I washed it but skipped the polishing. The garden yielded up two kinds of snapdragons and Dahlia ‘Groovy’.

Some culinary sage formed a nice base to hold flowers in place and a few fruits from Cornus kousa ‘China Girl’ provide the finishing touch.

DSC_0047 (1)

The pot’s handle props the flowers up on one side, while on the other they drape over the edge.


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20 thoughts on “this vase is a teapot

  1. I love the color scheme, especially the contrast provided by the sage. It looks very much like summer, but transitioning into a fall color palette. Very nice!

  2. The contents of your tea pot were so well chosen to complement its burnished patina. Those cornus fruits are so pretty – this cornus is something I was considering buying after seeing several in one of the gardens we visited in Suffolk a couple of months ago , but where available they proved to be very expensive so I didn’t bother! Thanks for sharing, rickii

  3. The Cornus fruits are very attractive, they really add something to the overall effect. I like the copper kettle and interesting that the flowers seem to last longer in copper containers, I’ll have to see if I have something!!!

    • The Cornus fruits are actually quite tasty, if a bit furry. I’ve dried them to tie onto packages but this was the first time it occurred to me to add them to a vase. Cathy’s meme does push us in new directions: I love that.

  4. Don’t be suprised if sage creeps into my arrangements from now on. The cornus fruits are intriguing, and the colour and texture of the other blooms are lovely conterbalance. I agree that it would not have worked with a bright copper kettle.

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