15th? must be bloom day


Fuchsia ‘President’ comes along late. Our food writer in Homes and Gardens did a story on fuchsia jam made from the flowers and the berries left behind once the petals drop. I would need a whole lot more fuchsias before I could tackle such a task. At the beach, the fuchsia outside the door had produced quite a crop of the dangling, deep purple berries. They have a very delicate flavor…kind of interesting, but probably not worth the trouble.


Asters look so pretty in some people’s gardens, and floppy and scraggly in others. These grow out along the fence line where I put anything I’m not quite ready to commit to.


This white aster does light up a shady spot, and does a good job of extending the season.


Shizostylus comes along at a good time, too.


The dahlias are unstoppable right up until the first hard frost.


And so are the coleus.


But my favorites of the season are the grasses. Some of mine have begun to seed around, so I moved them to the woodland’s edge, where I love the way they catch the light against the dark background.

4 thoughts on “15th? must be bloom day

  1. Oh, you have answered my burning question about the fuschia berries, whether or not they were edible. Noticed some for the first time on a plant at my foks’ and was mystified, assumed they were poison since I always do until assured otherewise. Wacky! I am one of the floppy/rusty aster people, but I never seem to give them the complete heave-ho and if yours are like mine, they will spread in a semi-demonic fashion. I do love a tall plant that flowers into October, though. I wish I had a good spot for dahlias – they always give me a cheery feeling when I see them. Need grass, do you know what that one is?

  2. Karen: I am pretty sure the grass here is Panicum virgatum ‘Rotestrahlbusch’. Another one that tassels up nicely is Miscanthus ‘Graziela’, with green/white striped foliage. Heronswood had dahlias tucked here and there in their sunny borders and they were spectacular. I have yet to have any success achieving that look, but will keep trying.

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