greenhouse? ha!


When R promised to build us a greenhouse one day, I knew something like this was beyond the scope of the project.


But this? It’s a little more of a come-down than I was prepared for. But hey…it seems to be doing the job of keeping the last of the tomatoes warm enough to keep ripening. Am I going to get a chance to try out that recipe for fried green tomatoes?

8 thoughts on “greenhouse? ha!

  1. I see a jealous tomato plant on the right that’s wondering why it didn’t merit a fancy plastic cover! But whatever works, greenhouse-wise, I say. There’s always next summer for true building construction. Meanwhile, enjoy the tomatoes…ripened or green.

  2. I’ve got similar aspirations. I hope some day to have a greenhouse that doubles as a little outdoor hangout complete with furniture where dinners and poker games can be held. And my reality is more that I wrap my plants in bubble wrap and burlap on cold nights. Oh well.

  3. I think we women need to develop some carpentry skills. My vision is not so very fancy…more like something knocked together from recycled windows, etc. Oh, well, indeed. It is still possible that the growing number of plants that come inside for the winter will motivate R. We’ll see.

  4. Love your extreme contrast. Whatever works. But one must not stop dreaming. I want that greenhouse too. [I’m coming back to read your previous posts. I see I’m behind.]

  5. Oh Ricki, that is hilarious! But if it works, how’s to complain? That featured greenhouse is a dream of mine, well probably every gardener alive, as well.

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