this week’s vase is a basket


The things that attracted me this week were all russets and harvesty feeling, so a basket seemed like a good idea. A pint canning jar fit perfectly in this one.


One branch of prostrate sequoia went in first to anchor the other stems and provide a touch of blue-green. My crape myrtle never blooms, so this is its glory season as the leaves turn bronze, orange and red. Two branches of that and one of Cotinus ‘Purple Robe’ give the base some bulk.


A few flowering stems of Liriope introduce a contrasting color. Chasmanthium latiforium is going through its pale phase as it transitions from green to tan.


The star of this show, in my mind, is the tassle from a Miscanthus that hasn’t yet fully bloomed, retaining a shimmering effect that will pass as it develops into a fluffy white froth.


Singing backup are the three Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ sisters, showing more restraint than their name implies. Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) hosts this festival of vases each and every Monday. Don’t miss out.

20 thoughts on “this week’s vase is a basket

  1. Not only do I like the plant material you have chosen, but the spaces you have helps to show up their beautiful structure and posing it against the plain wall really helps.

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