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I’ll not even try to identify the plants in these photos from an August visit to Cistus. A few more things were in flower back then and I was attracted to the peachy little flowers peeking through the spikes. I offer it up as this week’s Wednesday Vignette, hosted by Anna (Flutter and Hum).

Caesalpinia gilliesii (thanks, Linda & Christina)

Caesalpinia gilliesii (thanks, Linda & Christina)

One can always find treasures in the display gardens surrounding the nursery.


They are always tweaking and rearranging to keep things fresh. These bottles had migrated from the branches of a tree snag to a rusty armature planted in the midst of a mix of bright flowers.


A few flower stalks had already become ghosts of their former selves, haunting in their wraithlike beauty.


The indoor areas are worth visiting regardless of the weather or the season.


Artfully displayed…no shortage of vignettes here.


After getting revved up on plants at our swap last Sunday, I had to swing by Cistus on the way home to check out their Tough Love Sale. The first day was Saturday and I have it on good authority that the place was a madhouse peopled by plant nuts.


I’m sure things had been picked over but just look at those two marvy trees that came home with me. Sure, they’re a little root-bound, but I’ve had a pretty good success rate with things from this sale in the past even though I’m still trying to track down what some of them are. These happened to come complete with tags: on the left, Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’, on the right, Quercis phellos (think…a scratch on the tag made it hard to tell if one of those l’s might be an i). There were still plenty of trees and perennials there hoping to be adopted late Sunday…just sayin’.

22 thoughts on “vignette and more from Cistus

  1. I can tell you what that second photo is , because I bought on …Caesalpinia gilliesii or Brazilian bird -of – paradise

  2. I’m surprisingly good at making my visits about inspiration and using restraint in the buying part. Of course two major trees at $10 each was too good to pass up.

  3. First step is to collaborate on tree placement. The Magnolia will not get all that much bigger, but the Oak…stand back! We are blessed with many fabulous nurseries around here and I have the (dangerous) good fortune to live in the midst of three of them.

  4. Linda’s already ID’d Caesalpinia gilliesii for you, I have it in my garden, so I know you’ve seen it before. Love all the lovely foliage you’ve highlighted!

  5. Beautiful vignettes from a beautiful nursery–funny, I also bought my M. stellata ‘Royal Star’ on deep discount at a local nursery here. The flowers are wonderful!

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