lazy, crazy days of summer

As I sit here in my three layers of sweaters, looking out at the wind-whipped cedars and the rain-spangled seed heads, pictures like this one carry me back to summer days of hotly contested croquet games leading up to dinners out under the cherry trees. It is easy to forget the vicious insects who occasionally drove us indoors or, if not, had us scratching and cursing through the night. I must remember to actively appreciate the little gifts each season brings. For instance: with the wind howling outside my window, I am no longer torn between the present (very pleasant) activity and a longing to be out digging in flower beds or exploring the woods. What’s more, the sun will not shine in to reflect off the computer screen, sending me in search of bits of cardboard to block it out so I can go on about my business. Then there are the holidays coming up, with their promise of family and friends gathering around. Life is good.

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