in a vase


I had never heard of a rose bowl (other than the crowning glory of the football season) until a cousin gifted us with this one. It’s been sitting on a shelf gathering dust…what a shame.


A quick trip through sudsy water and it was ready to receive a collection of the flowers that continue to defy torrential rains and cooler nights. They are: Dahlias, snapdragons, nasturtiums and a single pepper.

DSC_0001 (2)

When I moved it from the little orange stool to the dining room table, what a difference. The backlighting from surrounding windows lit up the sparkling cut glass and made the whole thing more dramatic…just another of the surprises in store for anyone who joins Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) for her weekly meme. Try it…you’ll like it.

19 thoughts on “in a vase

  1. I wonder if rose bowls are quintessentially ‘English’ then? Even thought he contents are not roses today they are perfect autumn colours and I am sure that now you have gone to the trouble of washing the bowl you will be using it for roses next year. You are so right about the difference the light makes in your last picture – not much in the way of sunlight here today, although no torrential rain either. Thanks for sharing rickii

  2. The arrangement is great on the orange table which echoes it’s hot colors (even a hot pepper!) But the drama of the dining room table with the vase sparkling in the sun is also fabulous!

  3. I love the colour of the almost orange little table but you’re right the light brings the whole arrangement to life. Lovely mix of dark, and warm hues. I did to check where you are as I didn’t think you would be searching out light already.

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