boo day is coming


We went to a pumpkin carving party yesterday. Above is one of our number, typically concentrated on her creation.



The fruits of our labors, all lined up and lit from within. Can you believe that some of the carvers had never before carved a pumpkin? I think they all look like the work of professionals.

3 thoughts on “boo day is coming

  1. They look fabulously scary! I mean no disrespect but how old were these non-carvers? How can anyone over the age of 4 never have carved a pumpkin? I am so happy that you introduced them to the fun…I need to go buy a couple of pumpkins myself.

  2. The virgin carver’s work is third from left in the last picture. Waay over 4 (by several decades), an engineer by profession, but best friends with a crazy artist…so who knows what led to such an experience gap? She seems to be catching up fast.

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