in a vase, somberly


After a week of killing frost, followed by torrential rains, it’s time to dip into my stash of dried stuff. That means I can use the carved wooden vase without hunting for some sort of liner to hold water (the good news). Gloomy days make finding adequate light elusive (the bad).


Not that that is necessarily such a bad thing. I love the moody tones of the Hydrangeas and Allium.


Since these are colors I gravitate to, it wasn’t hard to find a cloth to complete the picture. Find many more vases by visiting Cathy (Rambling in the Garden). Any Monday, she’ll be there with a vase of her own and links to a growing number of others.

15 thoughts on “in a vase, somberly

  1. Gorgeous dried hydrangea color…love the muted gray blue and the wooden vase. I should have picked more dry material in October to use now…some is gone with the wind, but I hope to nip out and grab more before the snow finally flies here.

    • I’ve read that the water should be refreshed daily but I’m not up for that. Once they’re plonked, they’re on their own and usually good for at least a week, when it’s time to come up with something new anyway.

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