an outdoor vase

DSC_0008 (1)

I left the soil in the wall pocket outside our front door, got it nice and damp and poked branches in there. They are: Ilex berries, Pinus ‘Thunderhead’ and one cedar branch.


A few more branches went into a basket of cones, including a bare branch encrusted with lichen. The orange pot holds bird seed, keeping it handy for filling feeders.


Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) hosts In a Vase on Monday every week.

18 thoughts on “an outdoor vase

    • Funny you should mention the boots. They are mostly decorative, or for guests who want to tramp about (they usually have feet smaller than mine). They slipped on easily at the Rack, but I was wearing hose. Oh, well…they ARE cute, and make me look like a better host than I actually am.

  1. We have seen such lovely festive presentations of natural material this year – lovely to see your branch with the lichen, and what prolific berries your holly has! I wonder if your holly is different from the UK native ones?

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