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A trip to the Goodwill Store yielded a couple of small vases perfect for this time of year, when the pickins are slim. I cut a few stems of Hebe ‘Quicksilver’ and one of Senecio greyii to pick up the blue tones of the stoneware vase.


Small hips shading from red to deep plum are from Rosa ‘Dortmund’ while the large orange hips are from a NOID red rose.

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There was a spot of sunshine in the back yard so I took a chair out there to showcase my little bouquet.


This last photo is to show you what a difference lighting can make. Here, it was coming from behind. My eye sees the color as somewhere between that shown in the two settings. For me, this is one of the major frustrations of photography. Oh, well…like gardening, it is one of those things that I will continue to enjoy but never master. Could that actually be part of its appeal? Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) provides a portal to a wide range of vases from clever bloggers, many of whom even found flowers for their posies in the dead of winter.

21 thoughts on “in a vase

  1. Oh, I really like those rose hips! The vase is pretty. What a great find. I agree good lighting is so difficult to achieve in photographing the vases. Don’t think I’ll ever master it either.

    • Blue is a tricky color in so many ways. It also fades in the sun more than any other color (I love the term “fugitive color” that applies to that characteristic).

  2. Lovely diversity of colours in your hips, I thought they must be from a lot of different roses. I liked your reply to Scott, hips are gorgeous. As to lighting for photography I think it is probably one of those things that you would need to spend a fortune on lights to get the true colour and then it would look different on everyone’s screens anyway!

  3. It’s a beautiful arrangement and I love finding treasures like your vase at thrift stores. At this time of year, it’s comforting to bring cut stems in since we’re not out in the garden as much in the miserable weather.

  4. The Golfer would approve of the contents of your vase because ‘senecio’ was one of the first plants he knew the ‘proper’ name of – haven’t the heart to tell him it’s called something else now, not that I can remember what its new name is! What a lovely selection of hips you have included too – and the vase itself is the perfect shade of green to complement the foliage. Thanks for sharing

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